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綿ジャガードに手描き風の柄をプリントしたオリジナルの生地をふんだんに使用した『Rough Square Print Skirt』と、張り感のあるチュールで作った『Frilled Tulle Skirt』をセットにした、ボリューム感たっぷりのアイテムです。


『Rough Square Print Skirt』は繊細な素材を使用しておりますので、滑脱・引き裂き・引っ掛かり等にご注意ください。



A voluminous item that includes "Rough Square Print Skirt", which uses plenty of original fabric with a hand-painted pattern printed on cotton jacquard, and "Frilled Tulle Skirt", which is made from taut tulle.

A skirt made of a thin and light material woven with delicate threads and a skirt made of a tulle material with a sense of sheerness, so you can wear it coolly while being gorgeous even on a hot summer day.

"Rough Square Print Skirt" uses delicate materials, so please be careful not to slip, tear, or get caught.




Colours and textures may differ depending on your operating environment.



Please be sure to read “Attention” before purchasing.

Rough Square Print Skirt

SKU: TR21S-SK002
  • 毎月15日までと末日までが受注期間となります

    Every month, until the 15th and the last day will be the ordering period

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