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Body parts/90% Wool・10% Nylon
Another fablic/100% Polyester





It is a wrap skirt by wool tartan check.

Because the upper part is stitch-fastened and the lower part is in a free state, it becomes a silhouette that flares like a flutter that spreads toward your feet.

Under the tartan check we combined a pleated skirt with black organdy.

With this apron skirt, you can give an image different from usual to the overlapping bottom item.



Colours and textures may differ depending on your operating environment.


Please be sure to read “Attention” before purchasing.



All products photographed here are samples. You may find slight differences in actual products.

Tartan Check Apron Skirt

SKU: TR18F-SK003
Sales Tax Included
  • 受注期間締切日より約45日後

    Approximately 45 days after the closing date of the order entry period

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