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在庫商品 翌日出荷


本体部分 綿100%

裏地 綿100%

別布 ナイロン68%/ポリウレタン32%

パイピング ポリエステル/綿


Body part 100% Cotton

Liner part 100% Cotton 

Other part 68% Nylon / 32% Polyurethane

Piping Polyester / Cotton


Masque Chèque Tartan に新柄が登場です。


このMasque Chèque Tartanでもチェック柄の見え方にこだわったパターンを採用していますので、すっきりとした印象を与えます。

サイズは M と L 、そしてその中間のMLサイズをご用意しましたので、男性にもオススメです。









Introducing the tartan plaid mask, which is most like TISSU ROUGE.

The casual and colorful pattern is perfect for any outfit.

This "Masque Chèque Tartan" also uses a pattern that sticks to the appearance of the check pattern, giving a clean impression.

Since the size we offer the M and L and ML size of the intermediate, it is also recommended for men.

The material of the main body part is 100%cotton cloth.

For the lining that touches the mouth, we used the fabric of "Takashima Chijimi", a traditional material that has been used in Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture since the Edo period. It also has breathability, so it feels refreshing without being sticky and is very refreshing to wear.

A thin and comfortable stretchy nylon/polyurethane cloth is used for the parts that touch the ears. Minimized strain on the ears.

Since it is a material that stretches very well, M size is for people who are about 15.5 cm to 18 cm from the tip of the nose to the back of the ear, M size is for people who are about 16 cm to 18.5 cm, and L size is for people who are about 16.5 cm to 19 cm. (Please see the image for more information.)

Also, since black fabric is used on both sides, shadows are put on the cheeks and a small face effect can be expected.

Since it is made of a very lightweight material, it is surprisingly light, and because it is three-dimensional cut, it fits well.

Please note that this mask is not for medical use.



This mask is not for medical use.



Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns.



Colours and textures may differ depending on your operating environment.



Please be sure to read “Attention” before purchasing.



All products photographed here are samples. You may find slight differences in actual products.



Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Masque Chèque Tartan MacLeod

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