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Herringbone parts/100% Wool

Stripe parts/90% Wool・10% Nylon
Frill parts/90% Wool・10% Nylon

Tulle parts/100% Nylon

Lining/100% Polyester




TISSU ROUGE オリジナルである赤いボーダーのウール素材を切替えに使用し、フリル部分にはウールの赤いタータンチェックを使用した華やかなアイテムです。


A jacket made from men's herringbone material.

It features an asymmetrical design and two right bodies with different patterns that look misaligned.

It is a gorgeous item that uses the original red border wool material for switching and uses the red tartan check of wool for the frill part.

The lining is also a patterned item using a check, but since the herringbone pattern looks like a solid color, it is finished in a jacket that is easy to match with other items.



Colours and textures may differ depending on your operating environment.


Please be sure to read “Attention” before purchasing.



All products photographed here are samples. You may find slight differences in actual products.

Frilled Wool Jacket

SKU: TR21F-JK001
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  • 受注期間締切日より約45日後

    Approximately 45 days after the closing date of the order entry period

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