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本体   ポリエステル74%/綿26%
刺繍糸  レーヨン100%


Body part                 74% Polyester/26% Cotton
Embroidery thread  100% Rayon







A shirt made of polyester/cotton with a smooth texture and sucker material.

Gorgeous item with rough hand-painted floral motifs embroidered on the front and back.

Although it is a men's item, it can also be enjoyed by women.

Choose from 4 sizes: S, M, L, and XL.

(The photo is S size)



Please be sure to read “Attention” before purchasing.



All products photographed here are samples. You may find slight differences in actual products.

Flower Embroidery Shirt Navy HOMME

SKU: TR23S-SH003
Sales Tax Included
  • 毎月15日までと末日までが受注期間となります

    Every month, until the 15th and the last day will be the ordering period

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